Brook Jasmine:
  • Has been designing jewelry for the last three years
  • Is from Miami (misses platanos and a real beach)
  • Has recently moved to a beautiful salmon studio in the Berkeley hills
  • Finds true "inspiration" for designs in the stones themselves.
  • Loves parentheses and footnotes
  • Really gets into talking color, texture, color combination, color saturation, etc.
  • Highly recommends Specialties' semisweet chocolate chunk cookies
  • Insists you read "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" by Carson McCullers, "Savage Inequalities" by Jonathon Kozol, "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoyevsky and, oh, this list could really go on and on
  • Is a proud alumna of Pinewood Acres Elementary, Glades Middle, Coral Gables Sr, Smith College, and Stanford
  • Brook Jasmine
  • Has three brothers and a bunch of other family, all of whom she's very fond of
  • Really encourages you to wear what helps you feel good, but for herself, loves simple, timeless elegance with a touch of humor and tries not to get too caught up in trends
  • Believes in the occasional adjective
  • Just refreshed this list (it happens every once in a while)

    Not to name drop, but take a look at this trailer for "Something's Gotta Give" to see Diane Keaton wearing a couple of brook jasmine lassos
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